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Department, Sections and Subsections

ACTA has 1 department: Oral Health Sciences. The department consists of members of the scientific, support and management staff. The department is headed by a chair who is also a professor.

Department of Oral Health Sciences


  • prof. dr. Frank Lobbezoo
  • drs. Peter Bosman

Sections and Subsections

  • Cariology

    Section Cariology
    Section Chair: Dr C. Volgenant

    See the Cariology page for more information.

  • Endodontics

    Section Endodontics
    Section chair: dr. S.V. van der Waal

    See the Endodontics page for more information.

  • Pediatric dentistry

    Section Pediatric Dentistry
    Section Chair: Prof. Dr. M. van der Veen

    See the Pediatric Dentistry page for more information.

  • Oral diseases, maxillofacial and facial surgery (VUmc and AMC)

    Oral Diseases, Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Medicine Section
    Section chair: Prof. Dr. J. de Lange

    Section Oral Medicine Section
    Section chair: Prof. Dr. F. Rozema

    The Oral Diseases, Oral and Facial Surgery section is located at the VUmc and the AMC. The subsection includes the diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities of the mouth, jaw and face. The research is mainly aimed at early diagnosis of oral cancer, surgical oral orthopedics and oral surgical implantology. Patient care and training as a dental surgeon is provided by the relevant departments in VUmc and AMC.

    More information about this subsection can be found via the links below:

    The dental surgeon training is arranged through the relevant departments of:

    • VU medical center
    • Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

    Contact details

    VU Medical Cente
    The Boelelaan 1117
    PO Box 7057
    1007 MB Amsterdam
    tel. patients: 020 - 444 1150
    e-mail patients:
    tel. staff secretariat: 020 - 444 1023
    e-mail staff secretariat:

    Academic Medical Centre
    Meibergdreef 9
    1105 AZ Amsterdam
    tel: 020 - 566 4099
    tel. patients: 020 - 566 2300

  • Oral Biochemistry

    Section Periodontology, Oral Biochemistry and Oral Cell Biology (PARO, OBC and OCB).
    Chairman: Prof. Dr. M. Laine

    Section Oral Biochemistry
    Section chair: Prof. Dr. F. Bikker

    Subsection Oral Biochemistry covers the biochemical processes in the oral cavity. Oral Biochemistry's research focuses mainly on the protective effect of saliva. For more information: (020) 59 80883.

  • Oral Cell Biology

    Section Periodontology, Oral Biochemistry and Oral Cell Biology (PARO, OBC and OCB).
    Section Chair: Prof. Dr. M. Laine

    Section Oral Cell Biology (OCB)
    Section chair: Prof. Dr. A. Bakker

    Section Oral Cell Biology investigates the properties of cells in the oral cavity and surrounding tissues as well as their interaction with the environment.

  • Restorative Oral Care

    Section Reconstructive Oral Care (RM)
    Section Chair: Prof. Dr. A. Feilzer

    This section has as core tasks:

    • Providing Bachelor education Prosthetic Dentistry Preclinical.
    • Provide Master's education with clinically removable facilities (VPs and frames) through further development of consultancy in the Master's clinic. In 2022, the ACTA consultancy will be widely evaluated.
    • A staff clinic for Reconstructive Dentistry, including Implantological care.

    Also view the information on Prosthetic Dentistry (information will follow asap). 

  • Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction

    Section Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction
    Section Chair: Prof. Dr. F. Lobbezoo

    See the Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction page for more information.

  • Oral Radiology

    Section Oral Radiology
    Section Chair: Dr. E. Berkhout

    See the Oral Radiology page for more information.

  • Orthodontics

    Orthodontics Section
    Section Chair: Dr. R. Jonkman

    See the Orthodontics page for more information.

  • Periodontology

    Section Periodontology
    Section Chair: Prof. Dr. M. Laine

    See the Periodontology page for more information.

  • Preventive Dentistry

    Preventive Dentistry Section
    Section Chair: Prof. Dr. E. Zaura

    The subsection Preventive Dentistry and Oral Microbiology covers the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of caries (cavities in teeth). The research of Preventive Dentistry is mainly focused on de- and remineralization, fluoride and biofilms (microbiology of dental plaque). 

    See the Preventive Dentistry page for more information, or call: (020) 59 80442.

  • Society and Oral Health

    Section Society and Oral Health
    Section Chair: Dr. I.H.A. Aartman

    The subsection Society and Oral Health covers the social aspects of dental care. The research within the subsection Society and Oral Health focuses, among other things, on fear of the dentist, influence of oral health on quality of life and epidemiology of dental disease.

    See the page of Society and Oral Health for more information.

  • Dental Materials Science

    Subsection Dental Materials Science
    Subsection chairman: (section head), including the Oral Diagnostics Clinic, and part Restorative Dentistry and the KREST profile: prof. dr. A. Feilzer

    The Materials Dentistry subsection covers the properties of materials used in dentistry and their interaction with the patient. The research of Dental Materials science is mainly focused on strength and bonding properties of new materials and on allergies to metals used in dentistry.

    For more information: (020) 59 80257.