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Oral Radiology

The field of Oral Radiology focuses on making tissue in and around the oral cavity visible using X-rays.

The section has advanced radiological diagnostic equipment. In addition to taking and assessing X-rays, the department's staff is involved in education and research. The research focuses on efficiency, (radiation) safety and diagnostic accuracy of diagnostic systems.


Both patients from inside and outside ACTA can contact the Oral Radiology section for X-rays. X-rays are also taken by students of the Oral Hygiene and Dentistry programs, under the supervision of the clinical staff (dentists and radiologists).


If you have a referral and would like to make an appointment, please contact the following telephone number: ACTA Appointments & Information Service Tel: (020) 598 0380. Would you like more information about your treatment or an appointment that has already been made at the Oral Radiology section? , please contact us at: desk section Oral Radiology Tel: (020) 598 0603.

Opening hours and accessibility

Your treatment at the Oral Radiology Section will take place in Amsterdam. You can find us via: Contact. 

Who are we?

More Information

  • Transaction overview

    Here you will find an overview of the performance codes for Oral Radiology treatments. With these codes you can go to your health insurer for the declaration of your treatments. For the most recent rate overview, go to Rates.

  • Referrers

    You can refer patients to the Oral Radiology section for X-rays. The section has advanced radiological diagnostic equipment. In addition to intra-oral images, panorama images and skull profile images, CBCT studies are also made. When you refer a patient for a CBCT examination, you receive the 3D images digitally, so that you can view the volume yourself. You will also receive relevant cross-sections and a report with all findings.

  • Do you want to refer a patient?

    You can refer your patient to us by downloading a referral card or sending a referral letter to ACTA. Always indicate as specifically as possible:

    • which patient it concerns
    • what is the reason for the X-ray examination
    • what your request is in terms of choice of X-ray
    • how you would like to receive the digital images

    You can give the referral letter or card to the patient or send it to the following address:

    attn. Service Appointments & Information
    PO Box 7822
    1008 AA Amsterdam

    The patient can make an appointment himself via telephone number (020) 598 0380. You will receive the requested recording(s) and any accompanying report within a week after the X-ray examination.

  • Research

    ACTA's research is subdivided into 2 research programmes: Oral Infections and Inflammations and Oral Regenerative Medicine with a focus on various subjects. Oral Radiology falls under the research program Oral Regenerative Medicine.