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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the field of dental care for children and young people aged 0 to 18 years. The pediatric dentistry section can be divided into 3 categories: patient care, education and research.

Pediatric dentistry treats children aged 0 to 18 years. Sufficient time is taken to make them comfortable. The treatments take place in the staff clinic and the education clinic. In the staff clinic, patient care is performed by pediatric dentists. My First Dentist is part of the staff clinic and is specially aimed at young patients from 0 to 4 years.

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Do?

Education clinic

 In the educational clinic, patient care is provided by students of dentistry and oral health who are in the final phase of their training. The students are supervised by a pediatric dentist.


 The Pediatric Dentistry section provides theoretical and practical education for the training of dentists and dental hygienists. In addition to student education, the graduate dentistry section offers a postgraduate master's degree in pediatric dentistry (dentist-pedodontist). The program is accredited by the NVAO and the EAPD.


 The Pediatric Dentistry section carries out scientific research. In addition to doctoral research and research projects in the context of education, the section also conducts research in international collaboration. Within the research, the emphasis is mainly on all kinds of aspects of the treatment of young children.


The pediatric dentistry department treats children aged 0 to 18 years. Sometimes the children are referred by their own dentist, but that is not always the case. Your child can also come to us without a referral from your own dentist. Together with the parents, we look for the most optimal treatment for the child.

Who are we?

  • General

    • Prof. dr. ir. M. van der Veen
      Section Head

    • T. van der Hoek
      Employee and back office
  • Staff Clinic

    • Drs. A. Schmeitink
      Chef-de-Clinique/Dentist teacher

    • C. Brown
      Dental assistant/Prevention assistant

    • M. Hogenbirk
      Dental assistant/Prevention assistant

    • D. Pombo
      Dental assistant
  • Oral Health Science

    • Dr. C. C. Bonifacio
      Dentist-pedodontist, university lecturer, coordinator profile Pediatric Dentistry OHS. 
  • Research

    • Dr. D. Hesse
      Dentist-pedodontist, researcher, assistant professor, head of pediatric dentistry research
  • Education

    • Dr. K. van Gent-de Jong
      Dentist-pedodontist, university lecturer, head of education Pediatric Dentistry

    • Dr. N. Delmée

    • Dr. M. Hulsmans
      Dentist teacher

    • Dr. J. Duivenvoorden
      Dentist teacher

    • Dr. C. van Es
      Dentist teacher, coordinator Master2 education Pediatric Dentistry

    • Dr. E. Hidalgo Medina
      Dentist teacher

    • Drs. K. van Nes
      Dentist-pedodontist, coordinator Master1 education Pediatric Dentistry
    • Drs. W. de Melo Avila
      Dentist teacher

    • Drs. J. Krijnen
      Dentist teacher
  • PostDoc training

    • drs. S. Schroë
      Dentist-pedodontist in training

    • drs. B. Scheepstra
      Dentist-pedodontist in training

    • drs. M. van der Wal
      Dentist-pedodontist in training

    • drs. E. Pashm Foroush 
      Dentist-pedodontist in training

    • drs. A. Rakkadh
      Dentist-pedodontist in training

    • drs. A. de Vries
      Dentist-pedodontist in training

    • drs. F. Papanikolaou
      Dentist-pedodontist in training