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The mission of ACTA

You can read about ACTA's mission here.

Education, research and care are the 3 pillars of ACTA. Each pillar is equally important; they can't live without each other. Ultimately, however, all ACTA's activities are about people. ACTA trains dentists to care for people and conducts research to improve that care. While care is usually something of the present, ACTA's education and research are also strongly concerned with the future. Education should ensure that there are still good dentists in 10 and 20 years' time. The research is there to be able to provide that care even better in the future. At ACTA, it is about the care of today, the care that ACTA provides every day, but also about the care of tomorrow, the care for which ACTA trains dentists and for which new knowledge, resources and methods have to be developed. When we go all the way back to ACTA's raison d'ĂȘtre, one thing remains. We consider this our mission: Whether it concerns educating dentists, developing new knowledge and techniques, or treating patients, everything we do, we do to ensure that people always receive the best possible oral care. have at their disposal.