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Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction

The aim of this profile is to train postgraduate students in Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction at a specialist level.

Organising department and faculty

The programme is organised by the department of Oral Kinesiology. Professor Frank Lobbezoo and dr Peter Wetselaar are the directors of the postgraduate programme. Professor Lobbezoo received his PhD degree in 1992 from the University of Utrecht, where he also received his specialist training in TMD/Orofacial Pain. Between 1993 and 1996, he was appointed as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Professor Lobbezoo is currently a full professor, at ACTA, and chair of the Department of Oral Kinesiology. Dr. Peter Wetselaar received his specialty training in TMD/Orofacial Pain at ACTA between 2004 and 2006. He is also recognized as specialist in the domains of Dental Sleep Medicine and Restorative Dentistry. Peter Wetselaar is currently an associate professor, director of education of the postgraduate Master's programme in Oral Health Sciences, and chief clinician of the department’s clinic for Oral Kinesiology.
The Department of Oral Kinesiology has a strong reputation in the international research community, teaches at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate level, and treats patients with TMD, orofacial pain, bruxism, sleep apnea, and tooth wear in its own departmental clinic.

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More about Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction

  • Graduation Profile in Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction (OPD)

    The aim of this profile is to train postgraduate students in Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction at a specialist level. The discipline OPD encompasses the diagnosis and management of the following clinical problems:

    1. temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain;
    2. dental sleep medicine (e.g., sleep bruxism, obstructive sleep apnea);
    3. tooth wear. 

    The clinical part of the programme deals with the diagnosis and management of the three clinical problems, including the restoration of extensive tooth wear.
    The theoretical part of the programme includes a variety of relevant courses that are all based on the principles of evidence-based dentistry. Participation in one of the ongoing research projects of the department is part of the training programme as well. After a three-year training, the OPD-specialist is knowledgeable on all aspects of Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction, and able to diagnose and treat patients according to the principles of evidence-based dentistry. Further, the OPD-specialist will be able to coordinate the multidisciplinary approach that is frequently necessary in the management of these patients, or to participate in such an approach in cooperation with medical disciplines. OPD-specialists will not only be able to perform their tasks in the general dental office, but may also join the staff of centres for special dental care or university departments. 

  • Diploma

    After passing the final exams and after submission to a peer-reviewed journal of an article (approved by the senior scientists of the section) about the research that was performed as part of the programme, the candidate can apply for a Clinical Specialty Certificate in TMD/Orofacial Pain (‘tandarts-gnatholoog’), issued by the ‘Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gnathologie en Prothetische Tandheelkunde’ (NVGPT). A joint Master’s degree in Oral Health Sciences will be awarded by both the University of Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam.

  • Course fee

     Academic year 2022-2023 

    • Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction: € 14.548*

    * course fees will be adjusted based on the CBS index of april 2022

  • Deadline & Application requirements

    • Click here for the application deadline.
    • Click here for the complete application requirements.

Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction

Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam
Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004 3004
1081 LA Amsterdam