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ACTA receives NWO ENW-XS grant for groundbreaking research

8 February 2023
ACTA-researchers Yaling Jiang en Dongmei Deng receive the € 49.973 grant for the project: Unravelling hidden bacteria: chemoresistance induced by intracellular bacteria in cancer cells.

Tumor microbiome is - between researchers - recognized as a hallmark of cancer, which not only modulate cancer development but also induce resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs. So far, the evidence of bacteria-induced chemoresistance was obtained from studies using bacteria-free filtrates. However, recently bacteria have been found inside cancer cells in tumors. This raises the question of whether these intracellular 'hidden bacteria' can also confer chemoresistance in cancer cells and which are the underlying mechanisms. In this project Jiang and Deng aim to answer these questions. The results should open up a new research direction for combating chemoresistance by targeting these hidden bacteria.

This is a collaborative project with Dr. Elisa Giovannetti from Cancer Center Amsterdam, VUmc. 
More information concerning the NWO Open Competition ENW-XS grant.

Preventive Dentistry Section

The subsection Preventive Dentistry and Oral Microbiology covers the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of caries (cavities in teeth).


  • prof. dr. E. Zaura
  • Section Chair