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Looking for a dentist?

At ACTA, patients receiving routine care are treated by trainee dentists working under the supervision and responsibility of experienced dentist-lecturers. In the educational arena, all areas of dentistry are represented. The majority of current treatments are carried out in the context of education, such as: plaque removal; treatment and prevention of caries (cavities) and making crowns, bridges and dentures.

More time-consuming

The treatment is similar to that provided in any other dental practice, with the exception that treatment in the context of education is more time-consuming. All patients at ACTA are assigned a patient owner. While you may be treated by several different students, a single dentist-lecturer is responsible for your dental care plan. If you any have questions or comments about your overall care plan, you can put these to the “patient owner”. Following your initial consultation, you will be assigned to this dentist-lecturer. 

When registering, each patient will receive an ACTA patient card, bearing contact information. Details of future appointments will be entered on the inside of your card. A sticker bearing your patient number is attached to the back of this card. Keep details of this number handy when contacting ACTA.