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About 150 researchers are working on their PhD research at ACTA. These are ACTA employees who do their PhD alongside their other work or guest employees.

ACTA Graduate School of Dentistry (AGSD) provides training for PhD students. In addition, ACTA has an independent confidential advisor especially for PhD students.

There are 3 types of PhD students at ACTA:

  • PhD-students who receive a salary from the university. A limited number of places are available each year.
  • Promovendi under contract. These are usually financed externally, e.g. by a foreign university.
  • Gastpromovendi, they do not receive a salary, but do receive the training and supervision that is part of the PhD research.

What is expected of PhD students?

PhD students are expected to take various courses during their PhD trajectory. For those with a four-year PhD position, courses are mainly taken during the 1st 3 years of their PhD programme. Courses can have different goals: Required in the context of research/thesis (eg statistics, laboratory animal science); General science education (e.g. writing in English) or career-oriented (e.g. scholarship writing, courses outside the own field of research)

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