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Social impact: valorisation

Valorisation and the impact on our society

Valorisation is the process of creating value from knowledge. It is our mission to make knowledge available for economic and/or social purposes. In addition to our main tasks: education, care and research, valorisation becomes more and more important. We want to show the public what kind of impact our research has on society. For example, we strive to improve (oral) public health and are leading and successful in research on dentistry

ACTA ensures that the results of research benefit society by:


With our contract research we offer companies and organisations our expertise to further innovate products and services by which we improve oral health. For example: we have the ability to test and validate experimental products and protocols in a clinical setting. All projects are carried out by qualified employees and comply with existing laws and regulations.


Like other faculties, we encourage entrepreneurship and researchers who want to start their own business with knowledge developed at the university. We help them make the university's intellectual property available and when writing a business plan. The aspiring entrepreneur can apply for early phase financing for market exploration and the start of a business.


An important part of impact and valorisation is the transfer of knowledge to society: to patients, professionals, citizens, policy makers and interested parties. Therefore we use various means of communication such as: video, lectures, website and social media. For example, we show the diversity of our research in a number of short videos and also in several stories about our different research projects. Our scientists also regularly appear as experts in various media. This way, the non-scientific world is also informed about the latest developments in the field of oral health research.

To support our valorisation tasks, we work together with Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA).

"Valorisation is the process of creating value from knowledge"

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