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Who works at this department and what can this department do for me? Here you will find more information about the Endodontics department.


Patients can contact the Endodontics section with a referral letter from their own dentist. A dentist usually refers if the endodontic treatment (also known as root canal treatment) is too complicated to perform yourself. In addition, the section also knows a lot about persistent misunderstood pain in the mouth or face and the treatment and consequences of dental injuries. The section treats both adults and children.

Treatment options

Often there are several options for treating the teeth. These options are always discussed with the patient before treatment takes place. Ultimately, the patient decides whether and how he or she wants to be treated. The Endodontology section can advise on making a choice.

Have you been referred by your dentist?

If you have been referred to the Endodontics section by your own dentist, you will receive an appointment at the Endodontics staff clinic. During the first appointment, your mouth will be extensively examined and X-rays will be taken if necessary. After that, the treatment options will be discussed with you and you will receive an overview of the costs.


The Endodontics clinic mainly deals with:

  • Consultation
  • Treatment of tooth injury
  • Unexplained pain complaints
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Apical surgery


For more information about the Postgraduate Master of Endodontics, please visit Oral Health Sciences.


ACTA's research is subdivided into 2 research programmes: Oral Infections and Inflammations and Oral Regenerative Medicine with a focus on various subjects. Endodontics falls under the research program Oral Infections and Inflammations.

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